Project Description

Located on a golf course in a spectacular setting, this house, with its huge open great room, had difficult-to-define spaces, views obscured by exterior concrete walls, poorly designed and positioned windows and doors, trite lighting, and an outdated entertainment center.

Replacing the block concrete wall between yard and golf course with open, contemporary fencing enhanced the view of the golf course. The french doors were replaced with a massive sliding door that increased natural light, optimized views, and improved access to the rear courtyard. Rich colors and textures were used throughout in rugs, fabrics, and artwork to reflect the desert setting.

The dining table was positioned in the center of the great room to visually divide the space and create two separate seating areas. Replacing the existing curved windows with fixed glass picture windows eliminated distracting mullions and screens. The entertainment wall was remodeled to provide for modern electronic needs, improving component storage and integrating metal elements for a more aesthetically pleasing focal point.